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Our core competency is to design stackable orthopedic bedding that will improve breathability and lessen stress on joints to ensure pets comfort.

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Canine Komfort’s beds are entirely produced in the USA and professionally examined for pollutants, and resilience using health regulations. We embrace our customers’ views, therefore, we urge all of our customers to get in touch with us at any time, using our Contact Us facility.

Our Mission


To keep you updated we are in a competitive mode, since we know that Clients like the ability to view details online ultimately, your investment and time are worthwhile.


This uniquely designed bed can give a comforting feeling of peace akin to the mother bond that lowers pet fear and assures a healthy life for the pet.


The foam core relieves pressure spots and offers excellent support for sore joints and muscles. Its peak-and-valley design also optimize air circulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! To introduce this in a manner your dog can recognize, you may have to follow some smart moves. Replace their old sleeping place with a new bed. Utilizing a fragrance to make the bedding extra inviting is important to get your dog accustomed to their new bedding. Attach their new bedding with anything they enjoy, such as their favorite comforter or bedtime goodies. Lastly, the appropriate choice can make your pet happy.

As people, dogs move a lot as they sleep. After an extended nap, the majority of dogs do want to have both laying and spreading postures. Their hips and spine must always be completely protected. Considering this we produce rectangular beds, since they appear more cozy and comfortable, round dog mattresses can drastically limit motion and offer inconsistent comfort.

Well, assuming this as you dog’s bed, this will be covered in slobber, fur, and grime from your dog, as compare to your bed, that you’d like to restrain from dirt and mess! These beds will have coverings that are super simple to detach and launder in your washer, any spill can also be effortlessly removed by wiping or dabbing.

Yeah sure! Just look into our size chart, and you will get your desired one!

To put yourself away from any hassle, just call us or see us at our store, and fetch your preferred for your fur babies.